Mock Trial – General Information

There will be a Mock Trial during the 2015/16 CEIPI-epi Course on Patent Litigation in Europe!

All students have to join one, but, of course only one of the following groups:

Claimants Group

Defendants Group 1

Defendants Group 2

Court Group

At the first session of the actual course all students are asked to join one of the aforesaid groups.

The Court Group is limited to 10 members and will be open to already litigation/opposition proceedings experienced students, only at the choice of the course coordinators!

All other groups should be joined by the same number of participants approximately!

Each group has to nominate a speaker and two co-speakers as a contact person for the course coordinators !

There will be an extra page on this course website for each mock trial group with interactive comment functions. The access to these extra pages will be restricted to the group members only by a special password protection! 

There will be also an

electronic case file

 accessible for all group members of all groups!