MOCK TRIAL – Group Homepages are ready for use!

by Dr. Harald Springorum

Regarding the MOCK-TRIAL all MOCK TRIAL Group Homepages are now ready for use! Defendant Group 1 as well as Defendant Group 2 Instructions are now available for download on MOCK-TRIAL Defendant Group 1 and Defendant Group 2 Website that will be available for access by group members, only. The necessary password has been delivered to the group speakers today for further distribution to all of their group members. Also the MOCK TRIAL – Court Group Website is now accessible by the group members of the court group, but there are no instructions for the court group, yet. Nevertheless all group websites can be used for information purposes i.e. for the contact data of the other group members as well as for comments in order to discuss issues among the group members. Such comments are also visible only to persons knowing the special group password!